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Maintaining proper levels of humidity, gases, and odors are a major concern for any business employing the use of a climate controlled refrigeration unit. Whether it is a school cafeteria walk-in unit or a cold storage transportation vehicle, your product constantly fights forces of nature to levy a constant temperature inside. Some believe that their food is safe because it is refrigerated or frozen. This is not always the case as outside temperatures and gases within a refrigeration unit can fluctuate, resulting in damaged and wasted food, low sales, and most importantly, reduction in overall quality of freshness and taste.

Our product helps to eliminate these odors by absorbing over 80% of harmful gases and reducing overall humidity by up to 50%. There simply isn't a better, more cost effective way to assist your business in helping to maintain the high standards you and your customers demand.


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There is no more important application for humidity and ethylene gas control then in the food service areas of School, and Institutional Kitchens.

Federally mandated food service programs require Certified Nutritional Program Directors to provide extensive documentation for the safe food preparation condition of their kitchens.

As your Humidity Tech representative, I will visit with each Kitchen Manager and outline the hazards of walk-in coolers that do not have the EnviraShield Humidity Control System in place.  As the distributor agent I will help you place this on your Critical Control Point check list

Upon installation of the Humidity Control Panels  I will make a scheduled monthly visit to exchange panels for fresh ones.  At this visit I will perform an inspection of the cooler to ensure optimum efficiency.  Then provide the Kitchen Manager the check sheet to be included in the Food Safety Program, and HACCP documentation Using our humidity control service provides an excellent contribution to your Food Safety Program and to your Federally mandated HACCP plan.  I will assist you with including our monthly humidity control service into your overall plan. Our service will also help you comply with P.L 108-265(as far as your walk-in coolers are concerned.)  This should also help you satisfy the plan requirements of your School Board.

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